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Our Vision: Simple is Better

Patients: Please note that ComplyNow hardware units are sold only through your Health Care Provider.  Your Health Care Provider will supply you with a unit which has your unique medication schedule on it.  There is no need for you to program the device.  Additionally, the device runs on a large battery which should last 2-3 years, so you do not need to charge it.

Providers: Getting started with ComplyNow is easy.  You need only to create a portal account, sign an electronic BAA (for HIPAA purposes), and submit payment.  The hardware units are sold in packs of ten.

The remainder of this page is intended to provide care providers with a step by step guide for Getting Started.  Patients can click here to view more information.

Step 1: Navigate to Client Portal

Click this link to be directed to the Cloud Portal.  You will see this screen: